Sundays are (or should be if they’re already not!) sacred when it comes to beauty routines. Every weekend I make a point of pampering myself to unwind and reboot for the week ahead, plus it doesn’t hurt to start the week feelin’ fresher than fresh.

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I count myself lucky for being Moroccan. Beautiful land, captivating beaches, scents and colours that provoke a myriad of senses and best of all, some of the best food I’ve tried on this planet. Being Moroccan has it’s charm but the one thing I don’t love — the naturally frizzy hair that most of us are born with. I say most all bar one of my family members boasts a head full of curly locks.

All this to say if anyone is going to test Kerastase’s taming treatment I’d say it stood a fair challenge avec moi…

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I love beauty, I really do. But despite what you may think there are some days I curse it. Those days are usually a result of waking with a rash on my skin that makes it unbearable to face the day. Pun intended!

Trying so many different products makes me prone to this terror though through my mishaps comes a concoction of products that have finally helped my skin clear up within a couple of days.

What really prompted me to do this was my reaction I had to a combination of meds I was taking after having my wisdom teeth out. I woke with bumps all over my face and quickly got rid of them for a TV segment that was two days later. THIS WORKS.

Read more for the secret recipe…

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 redken collection

{Diamond Oil by Redken}

You may or may not know that I have a serious obsession with beauty blogger (and fragrance pro) Jane Daly’s hair. I mean come on, how can one’s hair be so perfect? It’s thick, it’s shiny, it’s lustrous. It’s everything.

So, that being said. Whenever I’m trying new products I always ask myself “WILL THIS GIVE ME JANE DALY HAIR?!”


{Jane Daly and her awesome hair}

Redken may have come in close. With the new Diamond Oil line it has everything you need to protect and perfect dry, damaged brittle hair (ugh, hiii). Featuring lots of oils; camelina oil, coriander oil, apricot oil, olive oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil – it works to perfect your hair from the inside out.

diamond oil mask

{Shatterproof Shine and Deep Facets Mask}

Featuring Redken’s exclusive Interlock Protein Network (our hair is made up of 90% protein you know!) it harnesses three key ingredients to work three different points of our damaged strands, delivering the protein layers deeper than your usual treatments may.

It offers the surface protection that your hair needs but also repairs your strands over time and with more use. You know what that means — it won’t be one of those shampoo’s that your hair gets used to after a few washes. The best part of IPN is that it’ll deliver these strengthening properties right to the core of your hair, helping it become stronger from within.


{Shatterproof Shine Intense}

So this Shatterproof Shine stuff — a product that you can go oh so wrong with and not realize until it’s too late. Case: In my excitement of holding this heavy glass bottle, I filled the dropper with a ton of serum and doused my hair in it. Why not? It’s going to make me shine BRIGHT like a diamond, right? Yeah, not so much. Think 90s’ grunge back when we didn’t wash our hair and being pale and greasy was cool…

This serum is SERIOUSLY concentrated so when it says 1-2 drops. Just use 1-2 drops. Trust me.

The line in general smells so delectable (must be all those oils), and you can really feel the nourishing properties work their magic almost immediately.  My favourite part of the collection has to be the Diamond Oil Deep Facets Mask. It’s my go-to mask whatever the shampoo I’ve used when I’m in desperate need of a repair and shine boost.

Hair like Jane Daly? ALMOST. Just wish it could make my flat strands look little thicker…