Let’s start by saying that learning to ski at the age of 30 is no easy feat. I’m not as nimble and brave as I once was and these two things may have an impact on your learning experience, if you let them. Growing up skiing is something that I had never been exposed to. It’s an interest that requires money and plenty of it if you want to spend as much time in the mountains as possible. I was lucky enough to experience this rush of fun with my friend Fleur who invited a bunch of us to celebrate her birthday in her regular haunt in the Austrian Alps. I am forever grateful to her for introducing me to this new passion! It was honestly the trip of a lifetime, unforgettable to say the least and the moment in which I realised I could say goodbye to sun sea and sand forever if it meant having all of my holidays that way. A huge group of her amazing friends coming together to have nothing but FUN. You make memories that will have you recounting your inside jokes for years to come and it builds a bond of friendship that you would never get from a city-break away.

ski squad austria mountains maria alm{On top of the world with the girls in Austria}

This year I’ve tacked on a weekend to a work trip that I was lucky enough to enjoy with my colleague and friend Harriet and her other half and brother. Skiing in Mont Tremblant just an hour and a half from Montreal has been such an awesome experience and could be a once in a lifetime opportunity since I live so far away! If you’re skiing for the first time Month Tremblant is a spectacular place to do so. The slopes are wide and have enough flatter parts of the piste to give you a break. It’s also significantly colder to you’ll need all the thermal gear. After having done two ski trips I’ve pulled together my tips for a beginner below.

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