Really, truly, honestly. I couldn’t possibly try to write up all the beauty products that were my favourite this year, especially when it comes to skincare. SO I’ll make an effort to film a video (!) on my favourites before the quarter ends.

In the mean time click to “read more” and check out the slide show of the products I’ve loved all year round.

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nirvana black and white sephora

{Elizabeth and James Nirvana Black & White}

Okay let me be honest with you. I was outrageously sceptical when I saw these fragrances. “Great, another celebrity perfume I have no desire to admit I’m wearing,” I said. The next 10 seconds proved to be an entirely different story. 

elizabeth and james nirvana review 

{Nirvana White}

Following the success of their clothing line – Elizabeth and JamesMary Kate and Ashley Olsen decided to add a  fragrance duo to their arsenal.

Nirvana White was my first spritz and I was immediately whisked away in to a warm spring morning in Paris on my way to a bakery (one of many for the day) with the feeling of utter bliss. Perhaps it was the floral story of the fragrance that took me there. A beautiful blend of  peony, muguet (also known as lilly of the valley) and tender musk. This is the ultimate in feminine, fragrance housed in the chicest of packaging.

 nirvana black and white

{Nirvana Black}

This immediately took me to a memory that I’m yet to form. Dressed in an emerald, silky gown at a James Bond-esque ball, what else would I wear as my perfume? A weaving of vanilla, sandalwood and violet, this is for the events at which you want to exude class and sophistication. It’s feminine, dark, strong and sexy all in one perfume. To boot, it’s encased in a masculine package that makes me feel almost naughty opening. Did I mention this is the scent my man loved the most?

Three guesses what I’ll be wearing on Friday…