DIOR lipstick nail polish vernis

 {Dior Rouge Dior collection}

A collection like this warrants excitement on it’s own merit. It is Dior after all. That being said, there was something a little extra special that stood out to me, being from the UK and in love with red and all.

Rouge Dior is the latest from the brand in lip and nail products and if you don’t already know, my goodness to Dior know how to make a mean nail lacquer.

DARLING dior lipstick nail polish

{Rouge Dior Vernis and Lipstick in Darling}

The prettiest of pinks with a slight blue undertone this duo is for the girl in us.

 darling lips

{Rouge Dior Lipstick in Darling}

The Rouge Dior lipsticks are creamy in their finish but opaque in their colour. I adore this shade and it looks divine with the new Diorblush in Trianon.

darling nail polish dior

{Rouge Dior Vernis in Darling}

 Spring nails! This pink is perfect.

  NUIT nails greige lipstick dior

{Rouge Dior Vernis in Nuit and Lipstick in Greige}

The perfect marriage of nude and night time. The deep, oxblood nails are complemented with a delicate, rose nude.

greige lipstick dior

{Rouge Dior Lipstick in Greige}

 This is one of my favourite nude lipsticks and I rarely say those words. I find it hard to find a nude that doesn’t wash out my overall look and this is one of the few that won’t. Looking for a inexpensive alternative? Maybelline’s Stormy Sahara is a pretty close dupe.

dior vernis nuit

{Rouge Dior Vernis in Nuit}

 My bottle is almost done, that’s how much I wore this shade through the winter. Like wine jelly on your fingertips the colour is incredibly rich, glossy and oh-so sexy.


{Rouge Dior Vernis and Lipstick in Trafalgar}

 Red number one of a British girl’s dream. Reminding me of Trafalgar Square (perhaps that’s what inspired the name), this outrageously bright red is easily the best version of this shade that I’ve ever seen.

trafalgar lips

{Rouge Dior Lipstick in Trafalgar}

 I adore the lipstick interpretation but part of me wishes it was matte to reveal the true orange hue. Above my naturally dark lips the bright red doesn’t pop like it does in the bullet but I still adore it.

trafalgar nail dior

{Rouge Dior Vernis in Trafalgar}

This is what I’m talking about! A red that looks like shiny, plastic  lollipops, I just wana lick my fingertips when I wear it.

999 dior

{Rouge Dior Vernis and Lipstick in Rouge 999}

 A richer, truer red, this classic colour is shown in 999 – call the PoPo!

999 lips

{Rouge Dior Lipstick in Rouge 999}

I feel like it wears a tad blue but that fit the name even better if you ask me.

Dior 999 nail polish

{Rouge Dior Vernis in Rouge 999}

I like to call this one the ‘boss lady‘  shade. I’ll be in my suit and tie…

Have you tried anything from Dior’s latest additions? Tell me more below!


Holiday 2013 Nail Polish gifts

{Nail lovers gifting}

Stumped on what to get a girl you know but want it to be special? Nails will never leave our beauty scene again so stock her up with something wow-worthy.

Every one of these stocking-stuffers offers a gift in a price range that won’t break the bank and make your girl feel like a beauty-queen.

CND VinyLux Polish 161 Burnt Romance WeeklyTop Coat

{Hot nails leading the way}

I’ve had a love/hate relationship with this new CND VinyLux ($11.95) formula for a while now but I’ve finally decided I LOVE thanks to this hot as a jalapeño shade, Burnt Romance. The most unusual, autumn shade that I will proudly wear for weeks. I’m yet to see this polish last 7 days without chipping for me but with a colour this good in your bestie’s stocking I’m sure she’ll be forgiving.

CND Vinylux Nail Polish 161 Burnt Romance

{Burnt Romance}

I was  gifted this shade by Leeanne Colley of Tips Nail Bar because she’s a nail angel like that and saw how crazy in love I was with this colour. Best gift I’ve received in while…

Dior Diorific Nail pearl manicure duo

{The fancy-pants fingers}

For the hard-core nail-art goers out there, Dior comes full force with the Diorific Jewel Manicure Duo ($39). Start the manicure with the stunning, gold polish and accent the look with a crystal feature nail. This set is for the luxurious lady who doesn’t mind taking the time to sass-up her style.

For awesome photos of how this duo looks on visit ommorphiabeautybar.com

Gold Nail Polish Dior Diorific Holiday 312 2013

{Gold and pearls}

Gold Lacquer Base with the crystal pearls that are so light they bounce around like crazy…(didn’t think that one through before setting this shot up).

Dior Diorific Nail Polish 318 Frima Holiday 2013

{The twist on ‘pretty in pink’}

Part of Dior’s Christmas nail collection the bottle is to die for but it’s this shade that has me excited. Diorific Vernis Frimas (318) is a dusty pink with tiny flecks of gold. I’m desperate to wear this ‘snow-queen’ shade on a winter’s day. What a beauty.

Dior Diorific Nail Polish 318 Frima Swatch

{No one put’s baby pink in a corner}

Can we take a moment on how gorgeous this shade is?

Dior Nuit Nail Polish

{The on-trend shade}

The perfect burgundy. Every one knows oxblood is the ‘it’ shade through fall and winter and if you’re going to gift this essential shade then let it be Dior’s Nuit ($25). You can’t see it well here but you can at Ommorphia’s blog – this polish has the tiniest trace of glitter flecks only noticeable in strong lighting. I mean, come on. This formula is ultra-glossy and next to the YSL formula is part of my top-two ‘best ever’ nail polishes.

Revlon Marchesa Nail Art Stickers Silk Rosette 24K Brocade

{The ultimate nail art}

Revlon meets Marchesa for a nail wrap ($8.95) party on your hands. Who didn’t freak at the thought of stunning, baroque patterns in the form of nail wraps? I recently saw a set of these on Dee from Liner Glitter and Gloss and snatched her hand to get a close look. These eye-catching prints and shades won’t fail to impress your girlfriends.

Shown above L-R: Silk Rosette, 24K Brocade

Sooo which do you want for your girls and which do you want for yourself?

**These beautilicious products were sent to The Burgundy Book for consideration and they made the cut!**