Tom Ford Lipstick in Cherry Lush Review

Tom Ford Lipstick Cherry Lush

{Tom Ford Lipstick – Cherry Lush}

If you’re not new to this page then you’ll know that I have an inexplainable addiction to red lipstick. “How can I top this?” I asked myself. How can I satisfy this never ceasing urge to coat my lips in the silkiest of fiery red formulas? Two words. Tom Ford.

Tom Ford Lipstick Cherry Lush Swatch

{February birthday gift in November}

I actually meant to purchase this as a birthday gift to myself back in February. I figure it counts more now than ever because I can’t remember what my personal gift was back then – IT’S TOTALLY JUSTIFIABLE, RIGHT? As if.

Tom Ford Cherry Lush

{The Review}

Down and dirty – this lipstick is everything I thought it would be and more. It’s bright, it’s silky, it’s long wearing (actually… wasn’t expecting that one).

The only downfall (aside from the hefty price tag of $55)? You simply must wear a lip liner before applying.

Bleed central with this bad boy. I don’t believe these come with a matching lip liner so I’d recommend Givenchy’s Lip Rouge Liner – it’s the perfect match of a cherry red. Just marry me already!

Tom Ford lippies are available at Holt Renfrew – now alongside the full cosmetics collection.


marc jacobs blush

{Marc Jacobs Shameless Bold Blush in Irresistible}

I do love a blush that melts on the skin. In all honesty I wasn’t astounded by the Marc Jacobs collection but if my money is to be spent anywhere it’ll be on the amazing gel foundation and the near perfect blushes.

Obviously available in an array of deep and daring shades this warm, teracotta does nothing short of pop on the cheeks despite the fact that it’s not a neon pink.


{My bold blush is poppin’}

The formula of the blush is infused with bio-lipids and essential amino acids, all allowing for the seamless (see above) and lightweight application. It almost feels like a pressed, solid gel smoothing out in to a powder – an oh-so swoon-worthy texture.


{The packaging}

I have to say the packaging isn’t that of a Dior compact but the sleek and small design is cute. The angled brush is a major bonus point.


{MJ mini brush and compact}


{Terracotta smiles}

Is it wrong to want more shades of this in my stocking this Christmas?