{Lights of winter nights}

These colours blow my mind. I’ve always had a fascination with the Aurora Borealis and it’s still on my bucket list of things to see. In the meantime I’ll settle for the make up replica. If you wear eye shadow on most nights out, this is one you’ll have to see for yourself. The limited Boreal Palette, $79, features bright blue shades that resemble a night of northern lights. Inspired by the Aurora Borealis the shades will have you in awe. The ultimate New Year’s eve shades to make you stand out in a crowd.


{Pure Chromatics #12 }

The sister palette, Pure Chromatics no #12, $74, boasts 4 of the smokiest shades for a sultry look. If your signature eye is a smokey, then you’ll want to get your hands on this. As someone who doesn’t wear much eyeshadow I find that it takes a collection of unusual colours to get me interested. The Boreal Palette would be my first pick hands down as the colours really are so beautiful.

{Smokey and sparkly}

{Vivid blues complimented with an earth tone}

{The shades on skin}

I’ve heard that a few bloggers haven’t found these shadows to be pigmented but for me they came out quite vivid. I’m sure when used wet (yes, you can!) the colours will stick even thicker. This mix of colours are sensational to me, I can’t wait to wear them on New Year’s evening!

Which palette would you choose?


I just had to show you the look that I did for New Year’s Eve with the Boreal palette! I’ve fallen madly in love with it and it’s sparked a new love for eyeshadow in me. I opted for a light lip and cheek to keep the focus on these gorgeous shades of blue. Enjoy!