{Instant beautifiers – Lancome Blush Subtil Palette and Rouge in Love Lipstick}

It’s pouring with rain today and as I reach for my Lancome Palette I wonder if it would be a sin to wear shimmer in to fall. The majority of me is thinking not. I’ve had to go on quite a few short trips this past season and this palette was a saviour when it came to packing light.

Boasting a stunning (orgasm-like) shade of blush with a golden highlighter and a teracotta-brown bronzer, Blush Subtil  is a prettifier in a palette. $45 for three products? Steal-worthy.

{Rouge in Love in #170N – Sequence of Love}

The Rouge in Love lipsticks have been a firm favourite of mine in terms of formula and whilst this red shade wasn’t as pigmented as I hoped it would have been, it still beats many out there with it’s hydrating texture. If your lips aren’t naturally dark like mine, it’s definitely worth getting your hands on for a brightening red.


A little sheer but still packed with colour. Have you tried the Rouge in Love lipsticks?


It’s nothing to be ashamed of. Rose is cool – not because I say so, but because brands like Fresh, REN and Lancome are bringing it back. There was a time when it was seen as the scent of the elders — maybe I love it because I’m all grown up? In my series of rose-inspired posts I’ve decided to start with a couple of lip colours that are new to the market and something you can enjoy whether you’re a lipstick or lip gloss fan. Check out the pictures. View Post


{In love}

I know technically the summer collections are starting to come out – part of me wishes we could have a moment to digest the fact that spring hasn’t even arrived yet. It’s so depressing. I’m just waiting for the moment I can pack away all my clunky winter boots and clothes and buy myself a knew wardrobe. Still – my spring make up is out and I’m not holding back with these beauties…

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