sonia kashuk for target

Library of flowers with Sonia's showers

{Sonia Kashuk Body Care for Target}

The older you get the more appropriate you feel like it is to love anything covered in floral arrangements and loaded with floral scents. I’m not ashamed to admit I’ve taken a liking to my rose and petal based scents but diversity doesn’t hurt anyone right?

Sonia Kashuk has launched a new line of body care for Target (welcome to Canada!) and it’s a line you’ll be excited to show off in your washroom.

 sonia kashuk redpromisia eau de toilette

{Sonia Kashuk Red Promisia Eau De Toilette – $19.99}

The fragrance: sitting a little on the youthful side I personally think it’s more of a luxurious linen spray if not a gift to the teen in your life. Is that wrong? I think it’s acceptable to have my sheets scented with sandalwood, jasmine and vanilla.

sonia kashuk body wash creme shower gel

{Sonia Kashuk Pink Innocencia Creme Body Wash and Purple Seductia Shower Gel – $8.99}

My favourite part of the collection these shower gels and cremes offer scents to make any shower experience an absolute delight. After a long, exhausting day it never felt so good to light a candle and wash away the worries with this uplifting duo.

Pink Innocencia featuring clean notes of edelweiss and white tea and Purple Seductia ribboned with orange blossom and sweet almond protein.

library of flowers linden candle

{Library of Flowers – Linden Candle – $15}

Burning candles has become a standard part of my home-life and showers are no exception. This was the perfect fit for showers with this line of products.

This particular little gem of a find had my heart bursting. Housed in a dainty glass jar that was wrapped in the most elegant of labels I squealed when I saw and sniffed this baby at Blossom Lounge. $15? I should have bought three…

Thanks to owner, Shauna for gifting this to me. Believe I will be back for more of these Library of Flowers including the honeycomb!

sonia kashuk yellow alluriana body butter

{Sonia Kasuk – Yellow Alluriana Body Butter – $10.99}

sonia kashuk yellow alluriana hand creme cream

{Sonia Kasuk – Yellow Alluriana Hand Creme – $6.99}

The last two I had a love/hate relationship with. I am not a citrus loving girl by any means but I know many of you beautiful readers may be. Personally I think the notes work perfectly in a hand cream. Refreshing, clean and light, I keep this one on my desk. For my entire body this scent wouldn’t be my first choice – I’d opt for the Red Promisia body butter instead. But that’s just me.

Have you seen this collection on the shelves yet?

**These beautilicious products were sent to The Burgundy Book for consideration and they made the cut!**