{naked skin}

Mornings are reserved for my internal battles with the leaving the warm duvet, shortly followed by a strong coffee and an extensive beauty routine. One that prompts me to hold my hand up to my other half when he attempts to kiss me goodbye. “My face hasn’t set yet!” I yelp. It’s sad but I loathed the feeling of my foundation transferring on to anything else.

Then I found love in Armani’s Skin Maestro. After seeing the flawless finish of PR rep, Isabelle Randez, part of me left it down to genetics but I had to find out for myself. Would Maestro do for me what he did for her? I had to rush down to Sephora to find out.

{Skin Maestro 5.5}

He did for me what he did for her. The foundation’s exclusive formula offers the most luxurious dry oil texture that almost melts into the skin leaving behind a veil of perfection. Matte, radiant, fresh skin. I’m in love with you, Maestro.

{Dropper application}

Dispensed by a pipette, there no fear of losing product. It spreads smoothly over the skin. So smooth I have to use my fingers for the full experience.

{Even skin tone}

“Kiss me!” – my face feels naked. No drying, just an instantly flawless face that’s dry and soft to touch right away. At $68 it may sound like a stretch but the revolutionary product is worth every penny. It slides over the skin and contains a smart technology that allows the product to match your skin tone perfectly. No more foundation lines (though I do hope you didn’t have them to begin with).

Skin Maestro is available at Sephora, Eaton Centre, or a Holt Renfrew near you.