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We all remember our first grown-up spa experience, while I don’t remember my British one I for sure remember my Canadian one.

One of the first spas I fell madly in love with when I arrived to the Great White North was Rhythm Spa in the Downtown area. It wasn’t just the value that had me at hello.

The serene and therapeutic setting and the awesome owner, Maria all played a part in my beauty grooming experience. Maria is a woman that knows her business and knows it well. In the last couple of years I’ve seen her spa transform in to one of the most beautiful spots in the city and I’m always proud to promote Rhythm for a variety beauty needs — the best when you’re running around at the Eaton Centre and need a break.

This Thursday Rhythm spa is doing their part  by hosting an event (in partnership with Speroway) to support the Nourish The Children program – all in the hopes of raising money to feed as many starving children as they can this month.

$25 of your ticket will go towards the charity to bring a suffering child meals for a month – sometimes you don’t realize how blessed you are to be able to even eat for a month nevermind  a lifetime, right?

Check out the details below and let me know (@remagouyez) if you’ll be visiting.

Want to donate meals but can’t attend the event? Visit this link to make a difference.

Rhythm Spa 

Thursday December 12th


$35.00/person and includes:
Light Refreshments
Finger foods
Bio photonic Antioxidant Scan (as seen on Dr. Oz – value of $25)
Eyebrow Threading (value of $8)
Feeding a Child for a Month ($25 of the $35 cost goes to feeding a child)
Tax Receipt issued by Speroway (value of $25)

nourish the children for december 12th

**This is not a sponsored post**