floral headband

floral headband

{Beauty therapy and bright headbands}

If someone asked me today what would be the one beauty woe I would wish an instant change upon I’d answer without hesitation. It wouldn’t be a smaller nose, it wouldn’t be botox, it’d be healthier hair — you don’t realize how much you value it until you lose it! Since moving to Canada I’ve had nothing but hair trouble and it started with my scalp. For some reason the water here has felt it apt to take a toll on my strands so a saving grace was needed… View Post


punk girl

punk girl


During high school (and my friends would attest to this) I could’t quite decide on who I wanted to be so I played around with a lot of personas and looks. One of them being the rocker chick. I have to admit my make up was no where near as neat as this but I did my best with the one kohl liner I owned…

80s prom queen

{Prom Queen}

I most definitely was not prom queen (pretty sure my best friend at the time was if I think back, she is a totally hottie!) but I felt I couldn’t not do a ’80s make up look if I was playing with flashback beauty looks. It’s all about blue shadow, red lips and pink cheeks.

geek 1

{Geek chic}

This is probably the make up look that I could closest relate to when it comes to my ol’ school days. You would have found me in the library most of the time. I was a nerd and I LOVED it. It wasn’t until I hit 20 odd that I found love in red lippie.

pink ladies

{Pink lady}

If I would have been allowed to play with make up at school I probably would have worn something closer to this pink rendition of beauty looks. But nay, I went to a school that was all about uniform and best behaviour 😉

For full details on the products used for these looks visit StyleList.ca 




{Bumble and Bumble}

I’ve been hearing all sorts about this Bumble Dryspun Finish but at first I paid no mind. I have been off my dry-shampoo game for a while. After trying three or four  that didn’t blow me away I kinda called it quits. “Just wash your hair for crying out loud,”  – I know that’s what you’re thinking. But let me explain. I don’t desire these mane maskers for the ‘de-greasing’ aspect…



Hi my name is Rema and my hair is thin. You all think its thick because it’s curly but just look at this lifeless ‘do’.



And then there was light! A spray that’s oh so light and works it’s way through my strands to get it looking thicker. I will fake it if I have to. At least until the Viviscal kicks in.


{All the hair I have}

When teamed with the Thickening Full Form Mousse (before I blowdry my hair) this duo is unstoppable. Flat hair who? Not me and that’s what’s up.

“$37 for a hairspray? That’s blasphemy,” said my homegirl, Maddox. Baby I know. It sounds ridiculous but yes, I went there and I went there twice over. You need the mousse and the dry spray if you want luscious locks.

I’m just telling you what I know.



Now I’ve got so much hair I can’t even find my face…