Sundays are (or should be if they’re already not!) sacred when it comes to beauty routines. Every weekend I make a point of pampering myself to unwind and reboot for the week ahead, plus it doesn’t hurt to start the week feelin’ fresher than fresh.

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Sure Christmas time is all about giving but let’s face it. Sometimes the limited edition beauty sets are so good that they’re gone before your forgetful boyfriend can pick it up in time. Sometimes, you’ve just got to act fast!

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  speedstick 1

{Gym bag essentials: hydration all around}

If you follow me on Instagram you probably know that the gym is my bestfriend. Sure I loathe going after work but if I can squeeze a lunch-time or morning workout in my day is made.

That being said…I’m not the best at time keeping (I can see a few of my GFs rolling their eyes in agreement). With a rushed Rema comes the need for speed and hey, let’s face it…lack of sweat!

nutri-skin speed stick deodrant

{Lady Speed Stick Nutri-Skin}

The new Lady Speed Stick Nutra-Skin, was the answer to my busy schedule and dry skin. Thanks for the latter, Canadian winter.

Featuring Vitamin E (one of my favourite ingredients) this smooth, invisible formula doubles up as an underarm moisturizer, odour eliminator and wetness protector. What more could you ask for in a deodorant?

After testing the two formulas my favourite was by far the cream, stick version. For me the rollerball gel just took too long to dry so it wasn’t the best option for my quickie workout. The cream however, the perfect, fresh scented formula ever.  Best of all? By the time I’m back at my desk you’d never know I broke a sweat just minutes earlier. So fresh and so clean!

Want to try it for yourself? Nab Lady Speed-Stick for a dollar cheaper than the already bargain price of $2.99 then copy the link below!

feet hands face

{Hydrating essentials}

Other areas that need a little extra attention include my feet (though my Nike Free Runs take good care of them), my hands and my skin.


Probably a product that most of you haven’t tried before but this Balea Warming Foot Balm with avocado and sweet almond oil was the perfect end to a hot shower. Sweetly scented and oh so hydrating, no post-gym, dry skin here!

Callus control

I’ve been terrible in remembering my workout gloves so that often means that I’m left with sore palms after a lifting session. Keeping this Body Shop Vitamin E Hand and Nail Treatment (I’ve adored the entire line since I was eleven years old) in my gym bag allows for instant relief after intense training.

Skin saviour

I’ve been taking part in the Blossom Lounge x BKR water challenge this month and program has kept me so on track for my daily water intake. Drinking five of these 500ml bottles allows me to take in oh so much hydration to help my skin glow from the inside out. I love how lightweight these bottles are to carry around all day. My colour is called Kitten.

Do you have a favourite deodorant? Let me know what it is and why!

**This was a sponsored post that was solely commissioned because I was eager to use the product. All comments, opinions and ideas are my own and honest.


overnight serum oil treatment

overnight serum oil treatment

As I apply this oil for the fifth night in a row I decided I had to snap a pic and share, immediately. I’ve been using overnight masks and creams for a while but the sticky texture always left for a messy pillow.

 The Body Shop Vitamin E Overnight Serum-In-Oil ($28) and I are so good in bed together.

A silky oil that my skin just wants to devour. In seconds my skin is softer, smoother and way more comfortable.

I’ve been suffering the consequences of the Polar Vortex and had nothing but tight skin, even after the use of intensely hydrating moisturizers, it just wasn’t quenching the thirst.

The morning after was worthy of a walk of fame. The product claims to offer eight hours of overnight bliss but I needed it to work in six or seven and that it did. I woke up to delectably soft, glowing and best of all hydrated skin after the first use.

Day five and I’m in evening-skin bliss.

Have you tried this amazing oil yet? Join the conversation! #GoodInBed


no make up face mask

Chocolate always has a place in my heart and I mean in any shape or form. As a drink, in baked goods, plain and simple bars and even on my face. Canadian beauty brand, Yula Organics offer a variety of masks to meet your skincare needs and the best part is you can mix it with your favourite oils and even water to apply.

chocolate powder

{Eat chocolate, wear chocolate}

  yula organics chocolate face mask

{Chocolate face mask and avocado oil}

I’m mixing my powder with a pure avocado oil (softens the texture and is great for really dry skin like mine). Using olive oil is also super hydrating and beautifying for your skin, if you’re prone to oily skin then try mixing with The Body Shop’s tea tree oil.

chocolate mix mask paste

{Mixing mess}

chocolate mask yula organics

{Nom Nom}

No really, doesn’t it look edible? And also hilarious! Your fam jam will love to see you in this one.

As you can probably tell from the company name, this all natural brand gives you a chocolate mask ($30) featuring only kaolin (a type of clay), cocoa powder and aloe barbadensis leaf (mm calming).

The act of mixing this mess was so much more fun than your average squeeze bottle, I loved getting stuck in this concoction.

It was probably the oil that did it but my skin felt instantly softer and more delicate. The clay offered a gentle extraction so my skin looked without a doubt clearer.

I wouldn’t normally opt for an all natural product (if you do you’ll love this) but I have to say it oh so refreshing to take a break from the harsh chemicals I usually play with…