Let me start by saying the shape and size of your body ESPECIALLY over this crazy, scary year is quite literally the least important thing that should be consuming your thoughts. It’s a horrible time for so many people and there is so much more to life than this. I can assure you.

The only reason I’m sharing this is because a) people have asked and b) If like me you are fed up with feeling uncomfortable, bloated lost for ideas then I am hoping this will help you…so if you feel like you need someone to talk to about your journey, need words of motivation or just want to yell at me for what you’ve read then please feel free to let me know on Instagram.

From March to August I went through a number of different eating habits and workout routines and I finally found the combination that worked to get me in to shape. The first few months of lockdown really impacted my mental health and to be honest, working out was one of the few things that brought me joy. So behold my journey:

Over lockdown I spent a pretty penny on Lululemon clothing, particularly the Align pants – most comfortable and versatile workout wear ever!

March – April

TACTIC – eat everything and anything in sights. For month it was nothing but chocolate, cakes, biscuits, dessert with every single carry, cheesy, creamy meal. Tasted good, felt AWFUL. Through all this I was working out in Stuarts gym around 4x per week and following the SWEAT app Fierce routine. More on this to come

RESULTS: 2lbs lost, muscle gain

June – July:

TACTIC Started counting calories, not super low…down to roughly 1600 calories a day. The pounds started to come off but very slowly. I was still drinking, eating everything but smaller portions. Working out in the same way using SWEAT APP and integrated yoga in to my routine every morning for flexibility.

RESULTS: 6lbs lost, muscle gain, a LOT more definition in arms from yoga

July – August:

TACTIC – vacation T-one month. I hit a major plateau so needed to put more effort in. Start by carbs had to go. To be clear, carbs are not bad. I just know how my body reacts to them and I find it easier to digest food and shed fat on a high protein and fat diet. So I ditched the calorie counting and the carbs. Diet made up of salmon, chicken, LOTS of roasted vegetables, Konjac noodles, cauliflower rice and crispy kale. This new diet really worked for me. Still kept alcohol in at the weekends…

RESULTS: 5lbs lost in one month! Muscle gain, fat % loss a LOT more definition in abs. Muscles I’d never seen before came through.

Workout buddy changes everything! Going for outdoor walks and runs with my mum were super motivating to stay on track

Yoga with ALOMOVES app really transformed my arms and shoulders!


1. SWEAT APP – 100% worth the money. I highly recommend the workouts in this app and there’s something for everyone. For those of you that like cardio, HIIT, lifting. I owe a lot of my success to this app!

2. MYFITNESSPAL – Calorie counting app and the best one I’ve used. Easy to scan what you eat and lets you know macro detail if you want it. I no longer use it as I feel I have a good sense of what I’m eating now but great to kick start

3. ALOMOVES – I subscribed to this app during lockdown to have access to quality yoga videos. After doing a ton of free YouTube ones I felt it was time to upgrade and an upgrade it was. The instructors are great and there’s a mix of yoga, HIIT, toning workout available.

4. APPLE WATCH – Think of a smart watch as your personal trainer. Thanks to my Apple Watch I was forced to workout pretty much everyday as I wanted to close all my activity rings. As well it’s a great support to those of you wanting to start tracking your running efforts!

Average weekly workout routine:

  • 3X strength training
  • 3X cardio training 30 minutes (mix of 5km run or HIIT training)
  • 4X Yoga sessions for recovery or warm up

I usually started my day with a workout or slipped it in to my lunch break to force myself away from my laptop and to break up the 12 hour screen-time days!

Winning yoga combination: ALOMOVES and a Lululemon Yoga mat!

All in all I don’t only feel a lot better for changing my lifestyle but my clothes fit so nicely now. They don’t hurt from being too tight (the size up was too loose!). Don’t get me wrong, I know I will yo-yo like always but every healthy day is a step forward and I’m hoping I can have more good days than not in the lead up to Christmas at which point I will go CURAAZAYYYYY. That’s it from me, I wanted to summarise this as best I could but any questions…shout on insta!

I invested in a smart scale by Withings which helped me understand progress beyond just lbs lost! (PS the spike was my holiday 😉