The clean smell of Summer – Water of Joy

{Acqua Di Gioia by Georgio Armani}

“You smell like a chocolate factory,” would often be my mothers response to the fragrances I wore growing up. Hints of cocoa, vanilla and caramel would always be my scent of choice and as I grew older I began to introduce the Tonka Bean. If it smelled like I could eat it I would spray it.

For the first time ever, an aquatic, clean scent has stolen my heart. The top notes are an infusion of mint, Italian lemon and warm brown sugar (yum), that grip your olfactory senses and bring back summer days with a mojito in hand. The heart notes of Acqua Di Gioia are a swirl of jasmine peony and pink pepper, finally ending with a subtle lingering of Cedar Wood and Labdanum.

What I love the most about this fragrance is that is works perfectly on a hot summer day. Gone are the days of feeling sticky, which is where some sweeter fragrances may take you. The base notes that linger throughout the day are just enough to satisfy my need for a more mature, woody note.

{Armani and UNICEF}

Not only is the scent sublime, but Giorgio Armani joined forces on the UNICEF Tap campaign to help provide clean drinking water for schools in Ghana. Smell good. Do good.


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