Slumber Party must-haves: when @GracieCarroll and I bond over J-LO movies, magic happens

grace& Rema

{Oh hai!}

When the boyfriend is out of town it really only means one thing. I get to watch the sh*t out of all the RomComs I want. In a bid to share the signs of my lonliless with the Twittersphere it turned out that magic was made. @GracieCarroll is just as obsessed with Jennifer Lopez movies as I am. Maid in Manhattan, Monster in Law, The Back Up Plan. We freakin’ love em all!

So, we did what all twenty something women should do. Booked ourselves a slumber party to stuff our faces with goodness, pull out a couple of face masks and get our nails did…DIY style.


{Mmmm olives and sundried tomatoes}

First thing’s first of course, food. Gracie had told me about the new Metro App that offers store locations and my favourite…easy recipes! We picked up the ingredients to make a gourmet pizza because it’s sooo easy and delicious. Funnily enough the recipe was inspired by the ex-boyfriend of a mutual friend it turned out we shared! To check out the full recipe and how to visit Gracie’s blog.

In more exciting news…GRACIE LOVES OLIVES. I thought I was the only one in Canada…


{Sundried tomato pesto, maitake mushrooms, bocconcini}

She picked out the Maitake mushrooms which blew my mind and were a dream to photograph.


{The Gap’s Printed Nightshirt}

The next most important thing for a successful hangout? PJs. If I could live in them I totally would. I’d had my eye on this night dress for a little while but they were always sold out of my size! The Gap kindly offered to provide us with the slumber wear so you can imagine my excitement at finally getting a hold of the shirt!


{Polka dot crazed}

It’s pretty much everything you want in staple nightwear. Comfy, cute, features polka dots and looks like you’re wearing your BF’s shirt…saucy!


{Fresh Face Masks}

If I have anything to do with it every hangout sesh with a girlfriend would involve a facemask. After sifting through the hoards that I have we both opted for Fresh masks. I was in desperate need of a burst of hydration so opted for the Rose Face Mask, Gracie went for the godfather of all face masks – the Creme Ancienne Ultimate Nourishing Honey Mask. Out in January 2014 this is definitely worth the splurge.


{Gracie Carroll chillin’}

Gracie’s nightwear was totally her style. She’s all about print on print on print and I love it. Her pants and striped tank top are both The Gap and were baby soft to touch.


{MinkPink Zippora Fluffy Jumper}

I have to say I was little envious of her Mink Pink sweater – it was the cosiest feeling thing ever. And it’s my favourite – leopard print.


{The skincare}

Obviously we can’t just do a face mask. My routine involved a new rotation of products I’m trying at the moment and can’t get enough of. Shiseido’s Ibuki line has become my staple set, particularly their face wash, eye cream, Softening Concentrate and Refining Moisturizer. Uh-mazing results for well hydrated, smoother skin. Check out the full line at More to come on this line soon!

At night I’ve been trying out Clarin’s Multi Active Serum it’s honestly the best smelling serum I’ve ever used. At night I’ve been testing Lancome’s Visionnaire Eye Cream. The texture and dispense is awesome but I’m not sure weather it’s drying my eye area out or that’s just the weather. We’ll see!


{The Serums}

Following the Shiseido Softening concentrate I’ve been enjoying Lancome’s DreamTone serum during the day. This has honestly already made a difference to my skin tone after one week of use. My dark spots are virtually gone and my skin is looking brighter even without foundation. I even went to far as to go out with no cover up last weekend. It was a big step for me…


{Homemade pizza goodness}

Oh! The pizza was divine. Once complete we topped it with rocket (or arugula if you’re Canadian) and drizzled some truffle oil over top. De-lish.


{J-Lo lookin’ gorgeous}

Our movie of choice was J-Lo’s The Back Up Plan via Netflix. “Why is she alway so perfect?” we kept saying.


{Saxon Chocolates #SweetCanada popcorn}

No movie night is complete without snacks and the incredible, all Canadian Saxon Chocolates hooked us up with their new collection of goodies. I mean, can you get much better than, caramelized popcorn drizzled with chocolate and teamed with pretzels? The #SweetCanada line features popcorn that’s covered in caramel and tossed with almonds, pretzels, cinnamon and dried apples. You really can’t stop once you start…

You can pick these treats up at Chapters Indigo!


{Crucial moment in the movie..Dress with tag on RUINED}


{YSL Taupe Mauresque}

To finish our evening of chillness we painted our nails and glossed em up. Gracie opted for the limited edition YSL La Laque Couture in Taupe Mauresque. 

remanails copy

{CND Dark Dahlia}

I’m all over these new CND VinyLux polishes that promise to last a week and went for the shade Dark Dahlia.



  1. Luda
    October 23, 2013 / 4:08 pm

    Big fan of your blog!! Love this post – so scrumptious! I have been reading about the CND VinyLux polishes everywhere!! I can’t wait to get my hands on them. Where can I buy them in Toronto??

  2. Icaria
    October 7, 2013 / 2:17 pm

    OMGosh you are so much more sophisticated than what my BF & I used to be, a mean come on, truffle oil! Our pig out foods were, Pringles (the double pack so we each had our own) Häagen-Dazs and Hitchcock movies, Rear Window being one of our favorites. That pizza looks amazing and so does the pampering routine! 🙂

  3. October 7, 2013 / 12:46 am

    This sounds like the best night ever! I can’t even remember the last slumber party I had! Hmm have I had one? Lol

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