Why thank you, They’re Real

And that’s what I say when someone compliments my sky-high, fluttering lashes. Every woman knows that the two most frustrating beauty pieces to pick and pick right are foundation and mascara. A post regarding the former is due shortly but look no further as THE mascara has been found. Before this, there was ‘Maxfactor More Lashes’. A volumizing, lengthening delight that did what it said on the tin, but sadly for my Canadian folks it’s not available here.

Benefit, ‘They’re Real’. I truly believe in this budge-proof mascara, it’ll change your life as it did mine. The formula is perfect and separates each lash whilst volumizing, lengthening and curling. To top it off, the brush has a little ball on the end to give those corner lashes some attention too. Don’t take my word for it. See the results below. People are constantly asking me if my lashes are real whilst wearing this so the name couldn’t be more fitting. No falsies attached.

As usual Benefit have quirky names, gorgeous, fun packaging and this product is no exception. This a stocking filler you can’t go wrong with.


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